Quality, customer focus and competitive prices: This is what Kumyang has to offer the European market with its outstanding blowing agents

With a market share of 30%, Kumyang is already one of the big players among Blowing Agents suppliers on a global scale. The company opened an office in Germany one year ago, with the intention of introducing its brand to Europe. With high-quality products and a strictly customer-focused service, Kumyang is in prime position to do just that.

The company, which was founded under the name Gum Buk Chemical Industry in 1955 and changed its name to Kumyang in 1978, is based in Busan, South Korea. Kumyang is one of the leading manufacturers and distributors of fine chemicals, mostly in South Korea and China. Its biggest products include Blowing Agents, plasticizers for fluorescent pigments, p-Tolunenesulfonylchloride and PTC derivatives, saccharine and benazol. The company also produces medical aids and cosmetic additives. Kumyang Co. distributes its products in the Middle East, Central and South America, Asia, Africa, the United States and Oceania, and now has an even stronger presence in Europe.

The Korean company is winning over discerning European companies with its impressive mix of product quality, customer focus and attractive prices. With a total of 5 production facilities (one in Korea and four in China), a steady and enormous production output of consistent quality, decades of experience and efficient production structures, Kumyang is able to offer its products at extremely competitive prices. A major strength is the combination of technical and sales service, which always guarantees prompt services. Experienced employees and a well-founded quality assurance system play a part in making this happen. These services come complete with excellent communication and plenty of experience in transporting chemical freight. Kumyang works with fixed logistics partners to ensure that deliveries are on time.

In addition, Kumyang offers outstanding technical services, including selecting Blowing agent that best meets the customer’s particular needs, storing sample items for one year to guarantee consistent quality, inspecting end products in the Kumyang laboratory before delivery and customising the overall solution to meet specific customer needs.

Kumyang plans to establish a distribution network in Germany, followed by further investments in order to serve the European market as best as possible. For optimised support, Kumyang always visits customers with the sales partner. The goal is to provide real-time customer service and support. Kumyang’s next step involves plans for a European warehouseand a plantstationed here. There are also plans to participate in a number of trade fairs