Expandable Microsphere
Capsulated Blowing Agent
Introduction of
Expandable Microsphere
Expandable microsphere is a kind of thermoexpandable.
Although the capsulated blowing agent is fine, the well made thick shell is durable enough against high pressure of over 300 kgf/cm2 and resistant to solvents. The sponge made with the capsulated blowing agent shows high elasticity, heat insulation, sound insulation, shock absorbent, lowering of specific gravity with micro foam structure.
PVC sandal, artificial leather, screen wall paper, mid sole and outsole of sports shoes, screen printing, printing ink.
Type of products and physical properties
Name of goodsParticle size (㎛)T(start.℃)T(max. ℃)
CELLCOM – CAP13215~2095~105130~140
CELLCOM – CAP264H26~36120~140185~200
CELLCOM – CAP264J18~24175~185
CELLCOM – CAP264U30~50140~150175~190
CELLCOM – CAP365145~160180~190
CELLCOM – CAP463J20~30140~150195~205
CELLCOM – CAP46530~50180~190
CELLCOM – CAP563W25~50145~155185~200