Increasing the future company value by cultivating competent personnel and by developing core technologies
Introduction of
Kumyang R&D
The Kumyang technology and development department has emerged as the hub for the global leader in blowing agent products over the past 30 years. Kumyang’s R&D has been specially organized to develop precision chemistry materials with a focus on new blowing agent technologies and applications through the development of highly functional blowing agents. For the future. Kumyang R&D will challenge the limitations of current technology by continuously developing skillful technicians and generating Core R&D performance to contribute to the prosperous growth of Kumyang.
History of
Kumyang R&D

Established Kumyangs R&D
in 1985

1990 ~ 2000’s

Developed high performance modified blowing agent grades and improved applications technology

2010’s ~

Development of
expandable microspheres

What we are researching for
Our Research Field
Blowing Agents
Since established in 1985, we are trying to upgrading performance of blowing agents continuously, and will focus to be developing high performance blowing agents according to customer needs mainly.
Expandable microspheres
Expandable microspheres, high performance heat expandable physical blowing agents, can give smoother surface and more distinct pressed shape compare to general decomposable chemical blowing agents and can be used for producing foamed thin product like as screen wall paper. We are researching for improving production process, developing new ones and preparing new grades suitable to divided purpose.
Titanium Dioxide
Titanium dioxide is a most popular white pigment for general usage such as plastics, paper etc due to its high whiteness and opacity. We are researching for improving dispersity, weatherability, whiteness and opacity etc.
Hydrazine Derivatives
Hydrazine hydrate is using for not only the raw material of blowing agents but also antiscales, polymerization catalyst for spandex fiber, precursors for agrochemical, dyestuff and fine chemicals We will proceed further to developing new items and improving production process for Hydrazine hydrate of our own Inner mongolia plant