Secondary Battery Materials
Kumyang is a global manufacturer and supplier of a comprehensive range of eco-friendly chemical materials
Next-generation Battery Materials

Secondary Battery Materials

Kumyang is preparing for the expansion of the demand for key components of automobile batteries, i.e., rechargeable/secondary battery materials, as a new-growth business by building processing facilities and receiving approvals for related products from our corporate customers.

Lithium Hydroxide Processing Business

The business of ultra-precision processing of lithium hydroxide, a key raw material for cathode materials, which accounts for 40% of the manufacturing costs of secondary batteries, suitable for electric vehicles.

  • Supplying processed lithium hydroxide specialized for electric vehicles to domestic cathode material manufacturers through business cooperation with major lithium makers
NCMA-Based Secondary Battery Core Additive Business

The next-generation batteries, NCMA-based secondary or rechargeable batteries, significantly increase the driving range of electric vehicles, compared to the existing NCM-based (nickel, cobalt, manganese) batteries.

  • The addition of aluminum to rich nickel NCM-based materials increases output and stability; one type of aluminum and other materials are mixed, processed and added.
Special Cathode Material Business

Special cathode materials that improve the range of electric vehicles improve the electric energy efficiency of next-generation high nickel-based secondary batteries.

  • Special nickel-rich cathode materials are the technology that can be applied to the performance improvement of next-generation anode materials.