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The Best Suitable Compatible Products
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Other Products
Kum Yang has supplied the optimal solution for synthetic resins, rubber, and plastic additives to customers by accumulated Kum Yangs technology and experience from blowing agent development for the long time. Especially, these products, which are supplied by Kum Yang, are the best suitable compatible products with Cellcom blowing agents and very reliable in quality, delivery, and price from reputable companies.
Products of Others
 PVCStraight Calendaring Sheet, Film, Fitting, Rigid Sheet, Pipe, Electric Wire Coveing, etc.
 PVCPaste General purpose grade for foam, Wall Covering, Coating, Synthetic Leather, etc.
 EVAVA = 15, 19, 22% Athletic shoe mid-soles and in-soles, Sandal, Noise Deadner, Toys ,Fishery, EVA Sponge, etc.
 LLDPE (PE-RT Grade)MI = 0.6 Pipe for Cold/Hot Water, Al Complex Pipe, Heating Pipe, Radiator Pipe, etc.
 LDPEMI = 0.85 ~ 2.8 Pipe Insulation, Mat, Shrinkage Film, etc.
 HDPEMI = 0.044 ~ 0.350 Industrial Package Film, Bottle, etc.
 SBR1502, 1712, 1778, etc Tire, Shoe, Rubber Hose, Belt, General Rubber Products, etc.
 NBR35H, 35L, 35LM, etc Packing, Gasket, Shoe Sole, Improved Rubber for Oil Resistance and Low Temperature Resistance
 DOPEster Value 284 ~ 290 Synthetic Leather, Sheet, Cable, Glove, Hose, Shoe, Wallpaper, Eraser, etc.
 DINPEster Value 264 ~ 271 Synthetic Leather, Sheet, Cable, etc.
 ZnO99.5%, 99.0% Min Rubber, Paint, Enamel, Glass, General Industrial Purpose
 DCP99.0, 40.0% macromolecule initiator
 Zinc stearateZinc Content 10.5 ~ 11.5% PVC Stabilizer, Rubber, Lubricant and Release Agent for Plastic