Eco-friendly Blowing Agents
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World’s first eco-friendly blowing agents

Eco-friendly blowing agents

KY-ECO Series, which has been successfully developed based on our research competency accumulated over a long period of time, is the group of products that are the world’s first eco-friendly blowing agents without formamide and ammonia, which can be produced when sprayed.

The blowing agents are particularly suitable for products such as mats, wallpaper, flooring, and shoes that are directly in contact with the human body because they do not produce harmful substances or odors (sulfur compounds, or sulfur oxides) generated during the process.

Also we applied the structure of the capsule blowing agents to the products to strengthen their thermal and sound insulation properties, as well as their cushioning properties..

Analysis of Hazardous Materials

Ingredients Available Blowing Agents KY-ECO Series
Formamide 126ppm Not Detected
Ammonia 500ppm↑ Not Detected