Company Overview
Presenting optimal satisfaction to customers through incessant innovation and reform
Kumyang is
The Global Leader of Chemical additives
Kumyang is a chemical additives specialized company that produced fine chemicals including foaming agent, OPTSA mixed ortho & para Toluene sulfonamide, and Benazole agricultural chemical material starting with saccharin after its establishment in Busan in 1955.
Our key product is
Blowing agent
Our key product is blowing agent, and we are expanding our business areas to include hydrazine, titanium oxide, flame retardant and stabilizer by leveraging blowing agent production know-how and technological capability amassed during tens of years. Moreover, we also carry out sales of synthetic resins such as all types of chemical additives, PVC, EVA and LDPE, and rubber products such as NBR, SBR, EPDM and others according to customers’ demand.
We have an HQs in Busan, sales offices in Seoul and USA In addition,
we have various productions, sales and marketing offices in China.
Kumyang is taking off as The Global Leader of Chemical Additives, that will continue to pursue innovation and reform to provide maximum satisfaction to our customers, sustainable growth to the shareholders and interested parties, and stability and happiness to the employees.
The Promise of a Better Future
The company that fulfills its social responsibility and obligation as the leader of the fine chemical field.
Customer Satisfaction
Kumyang will do our utmost
for customer satisfaction.
Sustainable Growth
Kumyang continues to grow
and strength competitiveness
Social Contribution
Kumyang serves to
public welfare responsibility.