Flame Retardant
Additive for delaying ignition and curtailing spread
Introduction of
Flame Retardant
The flame retardant is plastic additive which can delay ignition and prohibit combustion enlargement of flammable polymers. It contains halogen, phosphorus, nitrogen compounds or metal hydroxides and the needs of these flame retardants are expandingwith widespread applications of plastics in construction, automobile, electric appliance, plane and vessel industries and increased poor safety precautions in a fire and necessity of flame retardancy properties in plastic industry.
It shows flame-retardant effect by removal of heat energy, restricting of supplying of oxygen, and absorbing active radicals.
Restricting combution by taking heat energy off ; Ex) Metal hydroxides.
Formation of prohibiting screen
Coating the material with non combustible solids or gases. ; Ex) Phosphorus compounds.
Diminishing combution chances between combustible gases ; Ex)Metal hydroxides, Antimony trioxide.
Absorbing active radicals
Terminating combustion reaction Ex)Halogenated compounds.
Type of products
We are supplying following Flame Retardant prodcuts.

CELLCOM – FR/ATH Aluminium Trihydroxide

It is economic flame retardant which is releasing water when it meets fire or flame and which has function of filler.

CELLCOM – FR/ATO Antimony Trioxide

It has various usages and excellent flame retardancy when using with halogenated ones.

CELLCOM – FR/DBPO Decabromo Diphenyloxide

It is representative, high efficient and most economic flame retardant, has excellent flame retardancy when using with ATO and/or ZB2335.

CELLCOM – FR/DBPE Decabromo Diphenylethane

It is improved an environmental alternative to DBPO.

CELLCOM – FR/HBCD Hexabromo Cyclododecane

It shows excellent flame retardancy in Expanded and Extruded Polystyrene. (EPS and XPS)

CELLCOM – FR/MC Melamine Cyanulate

It is a halogen free, thermally stable flame retardant which has established itself as the flame retardant of choice to achieve UL94 V-0 especially in unfilled and mineral filled polyamide 6 and 66 and thermosetting plastics.

CELLCOM – FR/ZB2335 Zinc Borate

It is used as replacing material for ATO and has excellent suppressing smoke.

CELLCOM – FR/APP Ammonium Polyphosphate

It is especially effective when using with pentaerithritol or FR/MC.

CELLCOM – FR/TEP Triethyl Phosphate

It is liquid phosphorus flame retardant, can be used as catalyst for unsaturated polyester, plasticizer and raw material for pesticide.

CELLCOM – FR/TPP Triethyl Phosphate

It is white solid and has improving processing properties, supplement physical ones.

Property Table of Flame Retardant
Name of goodsContent (%)Average size(㎛)Refractive indexAcid value (KOH mg/g)Specific gravity
CELLCOM – FR/ATH99.0 min0.8~1.5
CELLCOM – FR/ATO99.5 min
CELLCOM – FR/DBPO82.0 min as [Br]5.0 max
CELLCOM – FR/DBPE81/5 min ad [Br]
CELLCOM – FR/HBCD73.5 min as [Br]
CELLCOM – FR/MC99.5 min4.0 max
CELLCOM – FR/ZB233536.0~ 39.0 as ZnO8.0 max
45.0 ~ 48.0 as B2O3
CELLCOM – FR/APP70.0 min as P2O515.0 max
13.0 min as N
CELLCOM – FR/TEP99.5 min1.405 ~ 1.4070.05 max1.069 ~ 1.073
CELLCOM – FR/TCPP1.462 ~ 1.4640.10 max1.280 ~ 1.290